Insomnia58 • The UK’s Biggest Gaming Festival AUGUST

This photo was taken at insomnia55

This photo was taken at insomnia55

Insomnia, Expo and Esports Stage

The Insomnia Stage is the centre of the show. Featuring interactive content throughout all three live days, you can see Special Guests, catch live gameplay demos, and generally sit down and enjoy the show. Our Expo Hall featuring Q&A’s, Panels talks from some of our Special Guests. Come to our Esports Stage and come and join in our community events or watch our tournaments throughout the weekend.


GAMEfest will showcase the latest games alongside an extensive range of event content. Insomnia58 combined with GAMEfest, will be the largest festival and celebration of gaming the UK has ever seen.

Evening Activities

For many attendees Insomnia doesn’t end when the Exhibition Hall closes – Besides our 24hr LAN areas, we also host evening activities such a the World Famous Pub Quiz. More information to follow shortly.

Minecraft Zone

Love Minecraft? You’ll fit right into our Minecraft Zone, featuring tournaments across a variety of popular custom gametypes as well as retail opportunities and more. Insomnia also features a cart-load of special guests from the world of Minecraft media. For a full list of Special Guests click here.

Panel Talks

At stages around the venue we’ll be hosting live panel talks and Q&A sessions, featuring Special Guests and other notable panelists. A full list of available sessions will be released as part of our content schedule soon, so watch this space for more info.

Console Esports

Insomnia features competitive tournaments for a variety of popular console games including Call of Duty, Halo, and FIFA. More information will be announced soon.


It wouldn’t be a gaming festival without attendees dressing up as their favourite characters! Insomnia features a cosplay competition where you can showcase your costumes for the chance to win prizes live on stage.

Retro Zone

Take a trip down 8bit memory lane in the Retro Zone! Featuring a variety of old school games on classic consoles supplied by our partner Retro GT, the Insomnia Retro Zone is a place where Mum and Dad might finally have a chance at winning! Retro GT also stock a variety of retro products to browse and buy, allowing you to take home a piece of gaming history with you.

Tabletop Zone

Managed by our tabletop partner GamesQuest, the Tabletop Zone is the place to go to try out and buy board, card, and other games you play with friends sat up to a table. With many games available to demo and space for you to setup your own, make sure to check the area out to try something new or just enjoy your hobby.

Retail Zone

Shop until you drop in the Insomnia retail zone! Featuring merchandise from popular games and Special Guests plus more, you’ll be able to get your hands on some sweet swag to show off to all your friends.



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